Continuity and Memory in Trieste

At the end of the war, the interior of the synagogue of Trieste was found to contain tens of books, together with "several paintings [and] pieces of furniture belonging to private individuals", stored there by the Nazis. “Israel”, the Italian weekly that had resumed publication at the end of 1944, reported that “at present, many workers are laboring to clear the temple and deposit these objects elsewhere”.



“The temple of Trieste was found full of books stolen from the houses of the Jews”
Source: “Israel”, XXX, 26, 7 June 1945

A photograph of the interior was published in the 7 June 1945 issue, while on 2 August a more detailed article provided an account of the Jewish community of Trieste, its human losses and present situation: “The community buildings are, on the whole, only damaged: the synagogue is intact, except for the magnificent stained-glass windows and some rows of pews".